Harp Ensemble Cardiff – Dynamic Harps!

Dynamic Harps! Student Ensemble Launching September 2013

Monday night 10 week class each school term:

In September 2013 I am launching a harp ensemble with a twist! This harp ensemble will focus on music styles and skills not always covered regularly in harp lessons such as pop songs, show tunes, film music and jazz. The ensemble will run in 10 week blocks in conjunction with the school terms. Each week we will work on repertoire pieces as an ensemble and also look at a specific skill/technique that will inform general harp playing.

Do you enjoy Film, Show, Pop and Jazz tunes?

Then come and come and join us! The classes are open to harp students at secondary school who are grade 3 level or above. Music will be prepared to cater for the group to make sure everyone can participate and progress appropriately within their comfort zone.  

Q: What are the benefits of learning and playing in an ensemble?

A: In an ensemble you will be able to enjoy listening to and trying out new repertoire, benchmark your progress, explore different techniques, improve sight reading, share successes, overcome challenges and meet regularly with harp friends old and new!

Q: Will you need to bring your own harp and equipment?

A: So that we can play as an ensemble you will need to bring your own harp on a weekly basis. A benefit to this will be that if you have any tunings, string or other maintenance questions I will be able to help and offer advice as required. Adjacent parking to the venue is available along with good access to the rehearsal space. I will provide all the music for our sessions and you will need to bring the handouts from previous weeks.

‘Thank you so much for the ensemble workshop, as always I learned loads and it was great meeting other people who are also studying the harp’ – Julia

 Are you interested?

I would be delighted to hear from you! For futher information and to register your interest please email me via: info@harpwales.com.. I hope to see you in September if not before!

Try the harp workshops!

In honour of St David’s day there are a number of ‘hands on harps’ sessions coming up over the next few weeks – these workshops are aimed at compleate novices of all ages!


Always wanted to try the harp? Come along to try our National Instrument of Wales, with harpist Shelley Fairplay (www.harpwales.com). Workshop will include demonstrations on a Pedal, Celtic and Lap Harp, then along with Shelley’s guidance, you can have a go at playing one of the fifteen 17 string lap harps available on the day.


1st March 2013 – National Botanic Garden of Wales

12.30pm and 1.15pm (times to be confirmed) please visit http://www.gardenofwales.org.uk/whats-on/events/ for futher information. There is also a Clera workshop taking place on the day, information via http://www.sesiwn.com/

2nd March 2013 – Dyffryn Gardens National Trust

11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. Please visit the follwing link for further information: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dyffryn-gardens/things-to-see-and-do/events/

3rd March 2013- Dyffryn Gardens National Trust

11am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm. Please visit the follwing link for further information: http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dyffryn-gardens/things-to-see-and-do/events/

I look forward to seeing you there!

With all best wishes,


Forthcoming Events – Spring 2013

2013 is looking like and exciting and busy year! Very much feeling like a modern day minstrel I am looking forward to the next few months – such a huge variety of harp related events are coming up!

So taking a glance at February to April I can look forward to being a harpist for many beautiful weddings at venues in and around Cardiff including Pencoed house, Coed yr Mwster, Castell Coch, St David’s Hotel, Miskin Manor and Cardiff Castle. Further afield I will be providing harp music in Buckland Hall, Brecon and Church of St Nicholas, Liverpool.

Concerts include a St Davids Day Concert in Cradely – 2nd of March, a lunchtime recital on the 12th of April (tickets via www.congresstheatrecwmbran.co.uk), and as an orchestral harpist in Rogers and Hammerstein Concert 14th April and The Movies and Musical Concert 20th April both at  www.stdavidshallcardiff.co.uk.

Harp in the Great Glasshouse

I will also be providing harp music as a backdrop to the beautiful surrounds of the National Botanic Garden of Wales on the 1st (Sr David’s day) and 10th March (Mothering Sunday) – www.gardenofwales.org.uk/whats-on/events

In Febuary I am really looking forward returning to Guernsey to provide 30 concerts for the Healing Music Trust/Music in Hospitals – thank you for inviting me back!

Always wanted to try the harp?! If you would like to learn the harp why not join me for a ‘Hands on Harps’ taster workshop, open sessions will be provided on the 1st of March at the National Botanic Garden of Wales, and on the 2nd and 3rd of March for the National Trust, Dyffryn Gardens. 15 beautiful lap harps will be provided along with basic technique so you can try out the instrument and even play a tune! The other hands on harp sessions I am looking forward to teaching and being the harpist for are all school based – for further information please visit www.harpwales.com/community

Other events include charity evenings, harp teaching, recording studio sessions and of course visiting the amazing Edinburgh Harp Festival (www.harpfestival.com) and the International harp festival at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama (www.rwcmd.ac.uk).

So… A busy and happy harpist.

 I hope to play for you somewhere, sometime, soon!

All best wishes,

Shelley Fairplay – Harpist
Web: www.harpwales.com
Email: info@harpwales.com
Tel: 07960 718663

Follow by ‘like’ on Facebook via: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Harpist-Shelley-Fairplay/328243916599=

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Harpist for Music In Hospitals

Music in Hospitals – Creating Joy Through Live Music! I am very proud to be a harpist on the MiH list of recommended musicians list and this year have played concerts in various different care settings across Wales and the UK.

Music in Hospitals (MiH) is a charity whose mission is to improve the quality of life for adults and children with all kinds of illness and disability through the joy and therapeutic benefits of professionally performed live music in hospitals, hospices, day care centres, special schools, nursing and residential homes. 

On behalf of the residents and staff of The Lawns Nursing Home, I”d like to thank you for a truly wonderful morning of musical entertainment last Tuesday.

It was very clear that all those who were able to experience your performance gained enormous pleasure from your visit; you clearly touched the souls of some of our most vulnerable residents in a way which only seems possible through musical communication.

I was particularly interested to see how, when given an “egg”, or other percussion instrument to hold, both individual and group participation was greatly enhanced; indeed, for many, more “cut off” residents, this seemed to be the key to joining in.

I really enjoyed meeting you on Tuesday and do believe that the world would be a better place if you were also to consider training as a music therapist. You have such empathy, sensitivity and a natural warmth towards people – add to that your gifts and talents as a musician and performer, you could transform even more lives and be an even wider creative force for good in this world.

Mary – The Lawns Nursing Home

Summer 2012

If you are considering booking live music for your establishment please visit their website: www.music-in-hospitals.org.uk