Dynamic Harps “Starter Ensemble”

Join us this May for the first ever Dynamic Harps ‘Starter’ ensemble sessions!

5 years ago 7 trembling harpists arrived in a small church hall outside Cardiff, unsure what to expect, who they would meet or what they would do. It was the first ever meeting for Dynamic Harps, and yes I was the tutor, one of the 7 tremblers!

Fast forward in time to 2018, and it’s time to expand, I am opening a new ensemble for fledgling students, the Dynamic Harps Starter Ensemble.

Dynamic Harps Advanced ensemble have performed throughout South Wales, with up to 24 performers in total, we travelled to perform at the Harpes Au Maxes international harp festival in France where we were the backing band for a Grammy nominated recording artist! We have been invited to perform a lunchtime concert in Caernarfon International Harp Festival this Easter.

We also have guest tutors come in to teach and have learned so much from the likes of Robin Huw Bowen, Meinir Heulyn, Deborah Henson-Conant, Ellie Evans and Ben Creighton Griffiths.

The ensemble has advanced so far and become bigger and better than I could have ever imagined, thank you to all involved!

It’s been such an incredible experience I now know I must open the doors further, as the power of learning and playing in an ensemble is so strong, we make friends, become better at sight reading, improve our rhythm, our technique, are inspired by others and of course simply enjoy the joy of music making together.

On Monday 14th May I am opening up the new class, the Dynamic Harps Starter Ensemble, this is for elementary to intermediate students. Not only am I sure we will have an amazing time, this group will give you the experience and training needed to join Dynamic Harps Advanced ensemble one day!

Are you trembling? Come and join us! I promise it will be worth it!


Adult group: 2.45pm-3.45pm Monday afternoons

Student group: 4.15-5.15pm Monday afternoons

Usually terms will run in 10 week blocks 3 times a year. For the first-term we will have just 6 sessions culminating with an ensemble performance at the National Botanic Garden of Wales Family Harp Weekend – 30th June (adults) and 1st July 2018 (students).


I am delighted to announce that the Dynamic Harps Starter Ensemble will be taking place at Telynau Vining Wales – Cymru Shop in North Cardiff. This gives us the amazing opportunity to use the harps in the shop rather than bring your own, making this a really easy way ‘in’ to attending harp ensemble sessions!

What do you need to join?

You need to already read music a little as we will be working from sheet music. You can be any level up to grade 4 and Shelley will write parts to suit your ability so rest assured you will be able to play and enjoy the sessions whatever your level.

You will need to have your own harp at home to practice on between sessions and ideally be taking one-to-one lessons in addition to the sessions.


The cost for the 6 sessions is £60

How to apply?

To apply for either ensemble, drop me an email on info@harpwales.com and I will send you over further details!

Please note Shelley Fairplay is not currently taking on one-to-one students.