Harp Break Out! Cardiff Graduation Week 2015

Harp Break Out!

Cardiff Graduation Celebration Music Monday 13th – Friday 17th July 2015

Al fresco harp music anyone?! This week I totally thrilled to staging Harp Break Out performances in Cardiff City Center for a whole week!

Modern Sound?! Camac Electro Harp and Loop Pedal in action!

The Harp Break Out is taking place as part of Cardiff Graduation 2015 week.  I am a very proud Cardiff University Alumni, having graduated from the School of Music a number of years ago. It is a true honour and privilege to be able to come back to provide harp music to help this years graduates celebrate their hard work and achievements. Here is a link to a video taken earlier this week: Harp Break Out on the Bandstand! 

Cardiff University and Cardiff Council are hosting this event, which is based in the Bandstand on the Hayes in Cardiff City center. It is a free and open to everyone! Anyone can come along and listen, so if you happen to be on your way to work, shopping or running an errand you can just swing by to catch a few tunes and say hello.

Harp Break Out consists of music performed outside, on my wireless golden electric harp that I wear and walk around with whilst playing. The harp has an amplified yet traditional sound which I can then enhance using a loop station and effects pedals, so much fun!

I feel liberated by escaping to the great outdoors to perform! I am also escaping from the static feeling of being sat behind a harp, as with this harp I am wearing it to play, I can walk around and move easily, much like a solo violinist can. It makes playing music feel much more natural and free, a great escape indeed! Another felling of a Harp Break Out comes from the music itself, we often associate harp solely with the incredible classical repertoire and Celtic music (all of which I love dearly) but for the Harp Break Out I have drawn influence from other genres to escape (or at least have a holiday) from this traditional repertoire. So, in the Harp Break Out you will hear my own original material alongside film, blues, jazz, rock and pop with rhythms and harmonies drawn from genres all over the world including flamenco, habanera and calypso styles.

If you happen to be free or passing by do come along and join me for my Harp Break Out as part of Cardiff University”s Graduation Celebration music! I will at the Bandstand on the Hayes in Cardiff bright and early all week: Monday 13th 9.30-10.30am, Tuesday 14th 8.30-9.30am, Wednesday 15th 8.30-9.30am, Thursday 16th 9.00-10.00am and Friday 10.00-11.00am.

Would you like a Harp Break Out for your event? I would love to come and play for you! My email address is info@harpwales.com or you can call me on 07960 718663.