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Always wanted to try the harp?

Next ‘Harpist for a Day’ June 2016 – Date TBC

Harpist for a Day February 2014!

7th February 2015 in Cardiff and 3rd October 2015 at the Camac Harp Weekend!

To watch the brilliant results CLICK HERE!

The harp is one of the world”s oldest and most diverse instruments appearing, in Greek mythology through to Harry Potter. In Celtic tales harps often have magical powers of enchantment and this queen of instruments is deep rooted in our musical and cultural history. It is amazing that despite this, many of us have never played a harp or even been up close to one! 

Come along and become a “Harpist for a Day” with Shelley Fairplay!

Learn basic facts about harps!

In your “harpist for a day” experience you will:

Learn the basics of harp playing in a “Hands on Harps” Workshop:

  • Learn basic facts about harps and harp playing
  • Introduction to basic technique
  • Learn how to find notes on the harp (e.g. the musical alphabet)
  • Accompany a tune!
  • Play a tune!

Watch an “Open Rehearsal”:

  • Watch harp students rehearsing for ready for concert.

    Learn basic harp techniques
  • Observe harp technique in action.
  • See many different types of harps.
  • Listen to different musical styles.
  • Learn about ensemble interactions.

Rehearse in a “1stPerformance Workshop”:

  • Join a rehearsal with established harp students.
  • Sit alongside student who will be your ‘harp guide”
  • Learn your  ensemble performance piece.
  • Practice performing within the ensemble.

Perform as part of Shelley Fairplay”s “Three Strands Concert”

  • Sit with your own allocated harp onstage in front of audience!

    Rehearse and Perform
  • Perform alongside your “student harp guide”
  • Have the incredible experience of hearing your notes blend with others in performance.
  • Enjoy applause for your wonderful concert harpist debut!


  • You will have a photograph of you with your harp for the day!
  • A photograph of you on stage performing!
  • Take home your very own “Love the harp” T Shirt!


June 2016 – Date/Venue TBC  

Further dates will be announced on this page but to make sure you don’t miss the next ‘Harpist for a Day’ event then please subscribe to the ‘first to know’ list using the form below! I look forward to meeting you!

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